Welcome to Dice or Death.

My name is Ray.

I found myself annoying friends and family with frequent talk of obscure game systems and how exciting it was to paint a dwarf's beard. Instead of driving them all away, I created this website.

The blog is where I'll be posting my thoughts about industry news, strategy, tactics, miniature painting, terrain building, and anything else about the tabletop gaming hobby that comes to mind.

The focus at the start will be on games that have been absorbing all my free tabletop time these days: BattleTech, Dungeons & Dragons, and Song of Blades and Heroes. But heck, why limit ourselves? Any and all tabletop games and related topics will be up for grabs.

In the near future I'll be writing about my thoughts on preparing for a Classic BattleTech "Sword and Dragon" campaign I'll be running.  Once that begins you'll see action reports for this campaign. 

I've got a ton of minis to paint, terrain to build, and a whole lot of games to play and discuss.

Thanks for coming and enjoy your stay!