Dispatches from GenCon #4: Monster Slaughter!

Are you tired of playing the weak human who has to gather up equipment in order to stand the slightest of chances against horrible monsters? Well, Monster Slaughter has heard your complaints and provides the solution. In this miniatures board game you play as a literal family of zombies, vampires, golems, and werewolves, The board itself is composed of a classic "cabin in the woods" horror scenario with a bunch of unsuspecting humans inside.

A real highlight of this game was the build quality of the board which is not mere window dressing for the gameplay. Doors slot over the walls, lifting off to reveal the broken version of the door. This results in the cabin changing visually over the course of the game as more doors are smashed by the players trying to get inside.


Humans inside the building will run away in response to the actions of other players making your task of taking out certain humans first more difficult as they scurry away. Each member of your monster family has a slightly tweaked statline. The child monster is faster than the father monster who is stronger in combat, while the mother monsters are the best at searching for items in the house. All three are capable of trying to frighten or attack human characters. 

Honestly I only had enough time to get through 3 or 4 turns during my time at GenCon so I don't have a thorough read on the mechanics but it is clear from the passion of the guy demoing the game to us that a lot of love has gone into this game and it shows. The miniatures for the game are gorgeous and will look great on the board all painted up.

As a fan of the Frankenstein archetype I quite like the inclusion of golems as playable monsters.

If you're interested in Monster Slaughter they will be launching a kickstarter later this month on Halloween. Of course it's on Halloween.