Converting Mage Knight Minis for Dungeons & Dragons!

I've been preparing myself to run the classic adventure White Plume Mountain for some friends over the upcoming holidays in December. White Plume Mountain is a puzzle dungeon or what Matt Colville calls a "Funhouse Dungeon". Being the over achieving kind of DM that I am I want to get accurate miniatures for all of the weird creatures that prowl the tunnels of the mountain.

One of the puzzle rooms makes use of five flesh golems. I'm trying to save time and only hand paint the major monsters and characters in the dungeon, using pre-painted miniatures for the more common dungeon monsters. Well, painting five flesh golems would certainly set me back some time that I could be better using on more interesting minis. The problem for me was those darn flesh golem miniatures are freakin' expensive.

What is a Dungeon Master short on time and money to do? Find some Mage Knight miniatures that would get the job done is the answer! A lot of Mage Knight miniatures are super cheap compared to D&D due to the comparative popularity of the two games. These flesh golems were 99 cents. If you can find a Mage Knight miniature for the D&D monster you want to represent, it's a very simple matter to re-base them and save some cash.

Step 1) Grab your mini by the foot with a pair of pliers and apply some gentle twisting. The cheap glue on these separated without much effort at all.

Step 2) Get distracted taking apart the Mage Knight clicky base.

Step 3) Glue those suckers to an appropriate D&D sized base.

There you have it. Get yourself some Mage Knight minis, re-base them, and bask in the glory of your new collection of cheap miniatures.