Sword & Dragon Prep: The Initiative Coin

The two command lance packs available for the Sword and Dragon Classic BattleTech campaign each came with a cool metal medallion imprinted with each house's symbol. They look pretty cool and rather than just having them sit around as pretty pieces I decided to make them functional for our campaign by kit-bashing them together into a single coin that we can flip to determine and track initiative during our missions.

The first step was filing down all the nubs of flash hanging off these things and then gluing them together. Once it was solid, I molded a bit of green stuff around the edges and then rolled a ridged bottlecap along it to get a nice even coin ridge pattern.

Once that was done I gave them a quick spray of black primer and gave them a solid base coat of Reaper Scorched Metal paint. From there it was just a matter of trying to recreate the house symbols color. House Kurita was pretty easy with just a red background and the dragon symbol itself in black. The Davion symbol is a bit more complicated, but the sun in the center gave me a good opportunity to practice doing a gradient on a smooth flat surface and I am mostly pleased with the results.

When the paint was dry I gave it a few sprays of clear cote for protection on each side. I lost some of the shininess of the metallic paint by doing that, but it's worth being able to actually flip the coin without being terrified of paint chipping off every time it hits the table. With just a little extra elbow grease I was able to turn those somewhat superfluous (but cool!) medallions into a piece I can actually use at the table that just adds to the flavor of the campaign.