Homemade Tak On A Budget

First, some images of the final product!

Here is how I went about making a set of Tak pieces cheap. As described in my last post Tak uses only two kinds of pieces. Primarily flat "stones" which can be played flat or on their side and a capstone piece. The first thing I needed was something for the stones that I could get a lot of cheaply. It's possible to get small unfinished wood blocks ordered online of the roughly appropriate size, but this build was all about cheap cheap cheap.

My solution was straightforward: buy a set of replacement scrabble tiles. They're about 0.75 inches square and slightly smaller than 0.25 inches thick. I was able to find a pack of 100 scrabble tiles on Amazon for about 5 dollars, enough for black and white to have a set of stones for an 8x8 game. For the capstones, I ordered a set of 4 wood knobs used for drawers and cupboards. They're spherical with the bottoms cut off so they will not roll around. The 4 pack of those ran me another $4.50.

All it took once I had the pieces was a few quick coats of spray primer. Another $4 each for a can of black and white paint. After some patient spraying and flipping and respraying, the black lettering was still visible on some of the white pieces even through the primer, so by hand I took a few coats of regular acrylic white miniature paint to them.

Once that is dry the only other thing you will need is a board to play on! There are some free boards available from the publishers website along with the rules, both of which you may want to print a copy of to store with the pieces.

I have also created my own 5x5 Tak board which is marked with the ABCDEF/12345 grid notation used at playtak.com and described in the Tak companion book. It's printer friendly, feel free to print it from here:

Then I made an adorable folder with a cover I taped on to give it some character to keep all this stuff in. If you want that image for your own Tak folder or binder it's right here: