Dispatches from GenCon #0


GenCon wrapped up over a week ago and my wife and I have finally returned from our 2 week road trip to that promised land. I obtained some nice D&D miniatures from GaleForce9, more than a fistful or two of dice, duked it out in a BattleTech BattlePod, played a ton of new games, and all of that sandwiched in between a week of cruising on the roads of America. It was a great time!

In the coming weeks I'll be writing up my thoughts on the new games I played, some of the fun experiences I had at GenCon, and eventually showing off the painted and completed versions of those shiny new minis I just got.

Games I'm gonna be talking about:

  • Hellapagos - Co-op(ish) survival on a deserted island, save the last bottle of water for yourself!
  • Firefly Adventures: Brigands and Browncoats - This game is Star Wars Imperial Assault, but for the Firefly Universe and really interesting non-combat mechanics.
  • Castle/Munchkin/Dead Panic - A casual tower defense board game where all players are defending a central stronghold.
  • Monster Slaughter - Play as the werewolves, zombies, vampires, or golems in this game of smashing doors and gobbling down humans.
  • Sonar - A one on one or two on two submarine hunting game. Similar in theme to Battleship but with a brilliant strategic layer.