Jack in the Dungeon #3: The Soul Collector


The latest creature inspired by the great Samurai Jack comes from episode XXIII: Jack vs. Demongo, the Soul Collector. The main villain of the episode, Demongo, is one of the most dangerous that Aku has sent against Samurai Jack to this point. The interesting thing about Demongo is that while he himself is not so dangerous he commands a vast host of defeated warriors and creatures perfectly under his control. Each time he defeats another warrior he adds their soul to his army.

In the episode, Jack tears through Demongo's warriors again and again but because upon death the souls return to Demongo's control he can just send them back at Jack no matter how many times he kills them. Eventually Jack realizes the only way to defeat Demongo is to enter into Demongos soul prison by latching onto one of the defeated warriors souls before Demongo recollects it. Once inside he finds a ethereal-like soul prison, with all of Demongo's warriors kept in a kind of stasis until he calls upon them.

As a one off villain for an episode he's kind of cool. But as a potential recurring villain in Dungeons and Dragons? I think he's absolutely terrifying and awesome. With a few tweaks to keep him from being completely overpowered and a DM to balance his captured warriors strength against the party, a Soul Collector can be a painful thorn in the side to any level of adventurer.


The key to making this guy a lot of fun in your campaign is getting creative with the Soul Prison. A Soul Collector could have literally anything in it's bag of souls to toss at the player. Dinosaurs. Devils. An old friend of the party it hunted down just to spite them. Centaurs. Minotaurs. Anything else that ends in -taurs. Did I mention dinosaurs? The key to making it compelling as a side villain over the long term is variety and scaling up with the party.

I've compiled a few examples of a Soul Prison that scales in challenge a few steps at a time. A Soul Collector could have just one of these sets of creatures or all of them, or literally whatever you want. The Soul Collector can be every monster in one. Have a blast.

Soul Prison 1 - 
2 Kenku (1/4)
2 Winged Kobold (1/4)
2 Bullywug (1/4)
2 Pseudo Dragon (1/4) (50)
1 Mephit Ice  (1/2)
1 Mephit Dust (1/2)

Monsters: 10 (gang)
XP to award: 600 XP (150 XP each)
Difficulty multiplier: 2.5
Adjusted Difficulty Rating: 1500 XP
Encounter Challenge Rating: 4

Soul Prison 2 - 
Centaur (2)
Quaggoth (2)
Minotaur (3)
Were-Tiger (4)

Monsters: 4 (group)
XP to award: 2700 XP (675 XP each)
Difficulty multiplier: 2
Adjusted Difficulty Rating: 5400 XP
Encounter Challenge Rating: 9

Soul Prison 3 -
Gnoll, Fang of Yeenoghu (4)
Cambion Devil (5)
Cyclops (6)
Tyranasaurus Rex (8)

Monsters: 4 (group)
XP to award: 9100 XP (2275 XP each)
Difficulty multiplier: 2
Adjusted Difficulty Rating: 18200 XP
Encounter Challenge Rating: 17